This page contains all of the information about Cruise into History IV that we have thought of so far. Please come back every day to see what has been added. If you have a question that is not covered here please send a message to and we will be happy to answer and add that answer to this page if necessary. Thank you and see you in May!

Event Check-in

1) We ask that each registered participant check-in at the Registration Table located in the Hospitality Room immediately after checking-in to the hotel. Please follow the signs or ask the hotel desk for directions to locate the check-in area.

2) For your convince, show representatives will inspect your vehicle to verify the accuracy of your classification form. This will be done at the covered entrance of the hospitality room rain or shine. This inspection is mandatory. You will receive a window sticker indicating your class and a packet to be placed on your dash.

3) Individuals registering the day of the show will have until 11:00am to check in and have their vehicle inspected. This process will take place at the Hospitality Room check-in table and covered entrance. We will call over to the show site, which is just across the street, to let them know you are coming so a parking place can be assigned. The judges will also alerted to your arrival.

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Check out this exciting Cruise into History T-shirt. This colorful commemorative artwork is printed on a 100% cotton shirt for comfort and durability. The artwork itself well represents the spirit and atmosphere of this great show and the historical city is is held in. You will cherish this T-shirt for year to come.

But don't forget the reason for the shirt. This is a major part of our fund-raising efforts. Please purchase as many shirts as you think you can use. Think of the shirt as a bonus for supporting the charities.

Take a shirt or 2 back to your club. They are great meeting door prizes and give as a gift to someone who could not attend Cruise into History this year.

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Judging Details

1) Vehicles will be parked in classes. This is being done to ensure that the judges are organized and not negatively affected by a disorderly process. We believe this will guarantee that no vehicle is missed.

2) 2 Judges per class. 2 judges will spend ample time inspecting, inquiring about and deliberating over their assigned class. This will allow plenty of time for the judges to return to the vehicle, as many times as necessary, to be sure they each have all the information they need to properly assign a rating to your entry.

3) Our judges will not be supplied by a professional judging organization. We have asked a diversified auto club from our region to provide judging. These folks are already accustom to automobiles and will be additionally trained on the specifics of evaluating a PT Cruiser. Each judging team will include an advisor from our club. This person will only be available to answer judges questions and as an administrative assistant. Our primary judging commitment is to ensure there is no favoritism or advantage to any particular participant.

4) 3 minutes to brag! One representative for each entry will have up to 3 minuets to tell the judges about their Cruiser. This is your chance to tell the judges about mods they can not see, self made mods and your display or theme. Don't waist this time, it could prove valuable in the ultimate evaluation of your entry. After your introduction time has passed you will not be allowed to speak to the judges unless asked a question; doing so can be grounds for disqualification.

5) Vehicles will be displayed with the hood open a minium of 15 inches, the passenger side doors closed, the driver's side doors open and the hatch open a minium of 24 inches. A representative must be available to open or close any doors, the hood or the hatch at the judges request. Following these guidelines will assist the judges in completing a thorough inspection of your entry.

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Show Site Rules

1) Pet Rules: Pets are allowed under the following conditions: Pet must be on a leash, pets must be cleaned up behind, pets must be under the control of a person and may not be tied or tethered to an object. Dogs may not be allowed to bark incisively and my not bark at other participants or spectators. A good rule of thumb is to imaging that what may seem cute to you may be an annoyance to others around you. We also want to be sure we do not scare children that may attend.

2) Awnings: No awnings (since the show is being held at the hotel there will be plenty of locations to escape from the sun to.)

3) Audio: Audio must not be played louder than necessary to display your audio/video equipment or accompany your theme. A good rule of thumb is to be sure your audio does not reach farther than 20 feet from your vehicle.

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Saturday Morning Breakfast

You are probably aware that Denny's in on the premises of the Host Hotel. We have made arrangements to have breakfast hot and ready in our banquet room. You will not have much time to get ready and eat prior to moving to the show site. Denny's is offering a breakfast that you will not have to wait for.
2    Eggs   (scrambled)
2    Bacon
2    Sausage
2    Pancakes
Coffee or Orange Juice
Breakfast - 5:30 / 7:30 - Only 7.50
The cost is 7.50 per person. This is about what you would pay in the dining room but without the wait. Please include this election when registering.

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Catered Awards Banquet Dinner

This years awards ceremony will be preceded by a fantastic catered meal. We have selected a diverse menu that we believe will please everyone.
The cost is only 15.00 per person. This meal must be pre-ordered if you intend to eat at the banquet so please make your selections when you register.

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Sound Competition

This will be a sound quality and presentation competition. Judged by the pros at Rollin' Sound.

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Parade of Lights & Neon Competition

Judged by the pros at Rollin' Sound.

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Chinese Auction

We will have a Chinese Auction in the Hospitality Room. Please see the Itinerary for available hours.

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